Dannie’s Story

1997 was the year I began working on my master’s degree in the art of survival. I specialized in Lyme Disease (along with five other co-infections). In 2009, I learned firsthand about Lyme Carditis Tachycardia, which is great fun when your heart races at speeds over 240 beats per minute, let me tell you!

Despite doctors’ best efforts, conventional medicine had no answers. By the time I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, I felt I had acquired enough skills to take on this latest health challenge using an all-natural approach.

I opted out of chemo and radiation therapy and focused on improving my living habits. This strategy was successful until January of 2015 when I faced my biggest fight for survival yet.

I learned I had a rare form of breast cancer called Paget’s disease of the nipple, a condition only 1% of people get (yes, I buy lottery tickets). At this point, things got real. A mastectomy was necessary to remove the tumor. 

This was the third time one had to be removed from the exact same spot. While I was under, I unknowingly had some reconstruction work done. The doctors attached a tissue expander to my rib cage, which turned out to be a big mistake. Unbeknownst to me, pieces of my ribs cracked off during surgery. I ended up becoming septic with a bone infection for almost a year. After discovering this near the end of 2015, I ended up with a PIC line for six weeks of IV antibiotics, followed by six weeks of orals. After many years of working with amazing naturopathic doctors and learning from my nutritional supplier (Shaklee), I figured I could start a solid recovery program of my own. It may seem like I had it all figured out at this point (let food be thy medicine) but wait… there’s more to this!

After a year of living on the couch, the hole in my chest finally healed up enough so I could walk without the vibration of my steps hurting. I began pacing the house more and more. In short, I was retraining myself to move again to repair the muscle atrophy. I was also relearning to eat as I’d totally lost my appetite. I had digestive issues, and my anxiety kept heightening. I’d lost what coping skills I had and was becoming an emotional basket case, even to myself. I was losing all hope, purpose, and faith and thought the universe hated me. And not just for a few hours or even a few days, it was Non-stop.

Finally, my naturopath recommended me to a clinical counsellor who determined that I was in a sympathetic state – meaning always in a wired state of fight, flight, or freeze. Usually, this is caused by trauma or a series of traumas (layered trauma).

Remember when I mentioned “there’s more to this” earlier? My counselor recommended what was to become thy medicine. I was sold a hemp-based CBD oil known as MediGreens that helped shift me into a parasympathetic state. That recommendation alone improved my life and my health drastically. 

Since then, I’ve come to understand how our bodies are wired to benefit from this plant. I saw a need to get it out there and at fair market prices. As I expanded my services in the name of helping others, so began Dannie’s Dovetail. 

In earning my self-appointed master’s degree in the art of survival—which I can prove by the fact that I am still here—I’ve come to understand that if you wish to succeed, you need to do as the successful have done before you. I’m here to share the products I’ve used (and still use today) with you!

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your time.

-Dannie C.